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Artist Statement

I am graphic designer turned printmaker.

My first introduction to monotype was a revelation – the rich variety of expressive mark making and heavenly colour.

I’ve been intrigued by colour, pattern, texture and shape; I’m fascinated by the interaction between different printmaking media in a single print or series of works; the element of alchemy. I never quite know how a plate will translate into print as it passes through the etching press.

My current work is evolving as I explore new ways to interpret old and new collagraph plates of the rural landscape. I’m interested in man’s influence on the landscape, above and below ground; the way the landscape has had a spiritual significance over millennia on those living and passing through and how man has marked that significance on his surroundings.

My new work brings together my fascination with the flora and fauna within both the rural landscape and urban and walled country gardens in monotype using plant material rather than pre-cut stencils and masks.

The choice of printmaking media and colour palette are key to the ideas I wish to convey. I’m always looking for new ways to conveying the patterns and textures; the manmade elements within it; the constantly changing light and seasons.

Hence my original prints are as unique as paintings. I rarely create limited editions. Over time, the allure of colour, shape, pattern and texture has only increased not least because, within printmaking, every new technique discovered opens up a myriad of further possibilities.

My Influences

  • A childhood spent growing up in Africa where the sun shines most of the time and colour seems bolder, brighter and more intense
  • Moving to Ireland as a teenager where colour is softer and muted, yet has the ability to make the landscape equally dramatic
  • Living in my adopted home of Northumberland, an area with a rich archeological heritage
  • A career in graphic design that gave me a lifelong interest in pattern, texture, shape and how these elements are linked together within a space.