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An Update on the Sill and Two Artists


An Update on the Sill and Two Artists

I’ve not been posting much about this project although a lot has been going on behind the senses and there is a bit of bad news – more on that later.

I have found it a good spur back into making new work after a long time simply not feeling it. The Sill has provided a rich source of inspiration and working with Michelle is a lot of fun.

In May we had a wonderful day out exploring the potential of the landscape from Sweethope to the Coast and back. That was followed by a fab day out with a volunteer from the Northumberland Wildlife Trust to Walltown Crags. In June there was a great evening with neighbours interested in archeological astronomy. I visited a beautiful spot with them not far from Simonside called The Holed Stone, a stone circle constructed in ancient times where the sun shines through a small hole in a large rock during the Summer Solstice. That was quite an experience.

Such outings have inspired a body of new work beginning to emerge. I started by revisiting old plates while also making new ones. I’ve also been using plant material in my prints. An interesting development is my acetate floral stencils are being replaced by the real thing, although I’m also looking into using the two together.

Michelle found her love of spinning wool when she felt unable to paint was an additional creative outlet that includes dyeing fleeces, spinning and felting. She now has a brand new beautiful shed in which to work.

If you read some of the first blog posts on The Sill and Two Artists, the project came about in the aftermath of her original cancer diagnosis and recovery. It was a way of returning to creative activity within the limitations of the health issues the treatment left behind. It’s been difficult over the last few months for us to get together, as various ongoing health issues meant hospital appointments took precedence. A few weeks ago she received the bad news that the lymphoma was back. As a result Michelle has to step back from the project. Clearly, her priorities lie elsewhere for the moment although I still hope we will get together as and when she can.

She is a fighter. She beat this once before. She can do it again. I hope you will join me in rooting for her!


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