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Back in the Studio, Printmaking


Back in the studio PrintmakingBack in the studio printmakingBack in the studio, printmaking, I’ve just looked at the date of the last time I wrote anything on my blog. I can’t believe it was back in August last year just before I had my hip replaced. In the run up to the operation I had begun to make some new landscape collagraph plates based on iconic Northumberland landmarks, Lindisfarne, Dunstanburgh, Bamburgh, Sycamore Gap.

In October/November time, I got back into the studio and began by proofing the first plate Lindisfarne. It was at that point I spotted the fundamental error I had made on all four plates. I had not made them in mirror image. Consequently, every single one was going to print the wrong way round. You can’t print iconic landmarks the wrong way round. Someone is bound to spot it and all work goes completely down the pan. I can assure you all kinds of expletives issued from my mouth and the air was positively blue.

Back to the drawing board. This time I decided to make one plate at a time. I’d also found I’d created some technical issues which would have repeated across all four plates so better to do one, print it, learn from it and then make sure I didn’t do it again. I made a new Lindesfarne plate, this time in mirror image, this time it printed the RIGHT way round. As I alluded to in my previous post, it’s been hard from all sorts of reasons to get back in the groove in the studio and that little setback didn’t help.

However, I’ve plugged away at it and while I’ve been working on this particular plate I decided to revisit some of my older plates. In the past coming back to plates I made some time ago, that I’m familiar with has helped. The period of time allows me to come back to them with a fresh eye and hopefully, bring something new to the party to both this plate and a previous one I’ve worked at in tandem.

Back in the studio printmaking

The Pilgrim’s Way

The end result was this.


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