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bring a groupBRING A GROUP


If you are looking for a fun, creative group activity to do with family and/or friends consider booking a printmaking workshop with me. Or you may be a group of teachers looking for some inspiration to take back into the classroom or team building or in service training.

I can design a workshop based on the abilities of the individuals and their interest in the creative process. Workshops can be arranged to suit the time, day and particular area of interest that is best for you. You may be:

  • A small groups of friends
  • Work (teaching?) colleagues
  • An art group.

Email me here.


In line with The Artists Information Company’s recommendations my artist rates are as follows:

  • £150 per half day.

  • £250 per full day

Split the cost between 4-6 participants. Materials are not included. This will depend on the print media. As a rough guide the starting price for materials is £5 per person. This includes:

  1. Consumables such as inks and cleaning materials
  2. Paper allowance (type of paper, length of the workshop, number of participants.)

It does not include the cost of plates which will very much depend on what media is required and whether the workshop requires lino, perspex or aluminium plates.

*There may also be a charge for travel for off-site workshops depending on the venue location.