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Day 2 Daily Art Challenge


3 Colour monotypeSo here is my piece for Day 2 – Tuesday of the daily art challenge from Michelle Milburn.

I made this monotype after seeing some images on Facebook using a technique of printing in layers with a limited palette of three colours, cyan, magenta and yellow.

I have a piece of embroidery (featured image above) made as a cushion cover by one of my grandmother’s sisters. So I decided to take that embroidered image and recreate it in print using these three colours. I was really pleased with the results. I’m now running a workshop to share how I taught myself to use this technique from my studio in February.









This is the piece of embroidery that inspired the print.

So now for my nomination of another artist for today. I nominate Jessica Brogan. For me it isn’t just about her art and photography but also because she writes so openly about how hard it is to be an artist.





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