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Day 3 – Daily Art Challenge

Memories 2 1

Today is Day 3 of the challenge my artist friend Michelle Milburn set to post a piece of work a day for 5 days while nominating another artist whose work I admire each day as well.

This is one of 15 chin collé prints I made several years ago for a print exchange exhibition. A printmaking friend of mine, who belongs to a local artists’ network, Network Artists North East, had been to Australia for a year. She was travelling with her husband who was on an academic sabbatical. She organised an Arts Council grant to allow her to travel and meet up with fellow printmakers and printmaking studios over there. An exhibition ensued whereby Australian and Northumberland printmakers created work no bigger than a CD case size. Our prints were sent over there for a travelling exhibition of Australia and then the exhibition came back to Northumberland in time for the annual Art Tour.

The series was entitled ‘Memories’ and a tribute to my grandmother’s youngest sister, Aunty Ursula. She went to The Slade School of Art in London in the last 1920’s/early 1930’s. She was always my inspiration. Pre-email days, letters formed a very important link to lovely ones, friends and family. As someone who went to boarding school for three years and then spent almost a year living with my mother’s sister and my cousins before my parents returned to Ireland, letters were an extremely important point of contact – I Learned early that if you wrote lots of letters you got lots of letters back so I wrote like my life depended on it.

My nominated artist of the day – keeping it in the family – is my cousin Susan O’Byrne. She is a ceramic artist based in Glasgow.


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