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Week 2/Day 1 Clearing The Decks

In the Dawn

Week2/Day 1 of Clearing the Decks

In the Dawn is a carborundum print. It started out life as a test plate for a new technique I’d learnt from master printmaker, Peter Wray for creating tone with carborundum and PVA glue with added layers for texture. The trouble was that I forgot to seal the plate prior to printing it so when I placed a sheet of damp paper over the plate and passed it through the press, the damp paper revived the dried PVA and consequently the paper was well and truly welded to the surface of the plate. In theory that should have been the end of that – plate in the bin.

However, I managed to peel most of the paper off the plate and what I couldn’t get off became what they call in the trade ‘a happy accident’. Depending on where I chose to put my signature the finished prints look either like a landscape or like an angel figure.

This print image measures 20x 20cm.

This week’s first print is looking for a good home. All you have to do is leave a comment below. If you’re on FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest you can use the social media buttons below – ALL EXTRA social media shares give you additional chances. Just say where you’ve shared in your comment here.

Use the hashtag ‪#‎Day3CarolNunanPrint‬ Thank you! Each draw takes place the following tomorrow morning to accommodate different time zones.

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  1. Jackie Kaldis Gorst January 13, 2015 Reply

    just love the colors and the subjects. They give you pleasure to look at them.

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