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Day 4 – Daily Art Challenge

Aunt Ursula Series 1

Day 4 of my daily art challenge set by my artist and extremely talented friend Michelle Milburn. The idea being to post a piece of artwork (in my case an original print) a day for 5 days while nominating another artist whose work I admire each day too.

This is another chin collé collagraph print from the ‘Memories’ series that I referred to yesterday. As I said my Auntie Ursula was my inspiration.

From being a very young child (three years of age), I loved our visits to Sunday’s Well in Cork. The best part for me as I got older was when she would usher us into her room and pull out her latest portfolio of work. We could usually choose a painting to take away.

I have a painting in my house that she did of the terrace and the house, Homeville, where she and all her sisters (five of them) were born. My great grand father moved into that house, my grand mother was born there and my mother and then my generation of cousins and second cousins, we all have very fond memories of visiting for high tea. Even better when we could stay the night. It was a house that just oozed family history and memory. It was a very sad day indeed when the house was finally sold and the aunts, the eldest and youngest moved out.

This print includes collaged pieces from her letters to me where she encouraged me when I first started printmaking .

My nominee artist of the day is Hester Cox, a fellow printmaker who works primarily in collagraphs.



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