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Day 5 – Daily Art Challenge


20140829_171445The final day of the challenge put to me by Michelle Milburn to post to post a piece of my artwork every day for 5 days then nominating another artist whose work I admire each day too.

This is the beginning of a project inspired by artist Jessica Brogan who I mentioned on Tuesday.

These are playing cards that I am altering that are mixed media based on printmaking.

I have begun a series of workshops with North Tyneside Art Studio members who will create their own altered mixed media cards. These will then be exhibited as an installation in Tynemouth. We will be using monotype prints pasted to one side of the cards and collagraph prints pasted to the other side of the cards  and then the surfaces can be collaged, painted, stencilled, and other materials added.

This idea is also used as Artists Trading Cards where fellow artists create small works of art and then trade them/swap them.

Jessica built on the idea where each card includes an inspirational word or quote. She recently took to leaving a card in cafés, petrol station, supermarket or wherever for someone else to find and keep. I thought that was a lovely idea.

My final nominee is printmaker Lynn Bailey whom I follow on Facebook and who also works with collagraphs.


  1. Ursula nunan January 24, 2015 Reply

    Aim looking at your website for the first time. I didn’t know how to do it before. Des just rang me to tell me he had just. Uploaded his own webstite. So in looking up his I learned how to look up yours. I love your site and the colograph at the top of this page. Well done you are a great achiever and I am very proud of my daughter.

    • Author
      admin January 28, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Mum. What’s Des’s website? Send me a link.

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