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Day 7 Clearing the Decks

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This is the final day of Clearing the Decks. And this is the final Free Print on offer for the time being. Thanks everyone who commented,shared.Liked etc etc. Something must have happened to contribute to the melt down my website underwent on Wednesday. So while it wasn’t great to be offline for a day, I like the reason! I’m hoping that bodes well for the future. I thought for a while it was something I did wrong on Tuesday evening. I was very relieved it was because it was something I was doing very right.

So, here is the final print.

Title: Northumberland Moods

Medium: Collagraph (blind embossing and coloured plate)

Size: 30 x 30cm (I think – roughly anyway)

I’ve learnt a bit from the past week about the Liking/Sharing/Commenting business on FaceBook. The last two paid posts had a lot of people Like the post without commenting or sharing. Consequently, those who went the EXTRA mile by either leaving a comment OR sharing OR BOTH were subsumed by those who simply Liked the post. That didn’t seem fair. So with this final post I’ve tried to make it a little bit fairer on FaceBook.
Like = 1 entry
Comment = 2 entries
Share = 3 entries
Like + Comment = 3 entries
Like + Share = 4 entries
Like + Comment + Share = 6 entries

Of course if you also have a Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/LinkedIn account and you share on any or all of of those these too will get you additional entries. It would be helpful if you let me know which ones apart from FB by leaving a comment below or on your Facebook page as it saves me a bit of time knowing where to look or whether it is worth looking elsewhere for your additional entries.

To make things easy for you all you have to do is click on one or more buttons below this post and thanks to all those who participated and shared/liked/commented/RTed and Pinned like their lives depended on it (OK small exaggeration – but did it a lot). I really, REALLY appreciated your help. THANK YOU!!!


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