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Great Welcome at The Morpeth Chantry



‘Its your turn to blog’, super-blogger Carol informs me over breakfast. Crikey, I have never blogged anything about anything! Probably best to start with a topic I know something about …. wish me luck!

I am always on the look out for new outlets for Carol’s range of products – the trick is finding the right gift shop or gallery!

I carry an informal check list in my head (location? existing products? good web site?) but one of the key ingredients for a successful partnership between Carol, the artist, and the reseller must be a genuine enthusiasm on the part of the reseller for Carol’s work. In the world of art and art-inspired gifts you simply cannot sell something you don’t like yourself.

In truth, it needs to be more than ‘like’. The reseller needs to have a genuine enthusiasm and interest in the artist’s work and also for the back story. How it is made, where it’s made, and what inspires the artist to create what they create.

Most residents of Northumberland are aware of the recent closure of most of our tourist information centres and the running down of many county services. I parked outside the Morpeth Chantry (aka the Morpeth Tourist Information Centre) last Thursday in the pouring rain with, frankly, quite low expectations.

The welcome from the arts and craft shop team could not have been more sunny! Their genuine interest in and enthusiasm for Carol’s work was (to mix my metaphors!) the breath of fresh, positive air that a wet morning in Morpeth required!

Sarah and her team honed in on Carol’s Iconic Northumberland Landscape range of greetings cards, on her best selling Northumberland Landscape Mini Prints and also on the luxury Print-in-a-Box collection. Fabulous wedding or Christmas gifts, they said. Couldn’t have put it better myself! By the time I left, the Northumberland sun was cracking the flags!

We look forward to working with you, Morpeth Chantry!


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