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About a week ago I posted a set of summer taster workshops to launch my new studio space. The first of the taster workshops I plan to run is “Inspirational Altered Cards”, a concept I first came across through an artist, writer and blogger I follow, Jessica Brogan.

The idea behind Jessica’s version of these little works of art is to take an ordinary deck of cards and alter them using whatever art media floats your boat – in my case – printmaking with mixed media. Jessica’s idea includes adding text – a word, phrase or quote with a positive, inspirational message.

On completing a full deck, for those that are interested,  there’s Jessica’s International Altered Card Swap. Participants can send their deck off to Jessica and in return receive back 52 individual cards from 52 different people from across the world.

The two workshops I’ll be running will get participants started with the basics on how to make their own cards from scratch. We’ll be using, paint, natural materials, printed papers, pens, handmade papers, colouring pencils, whatever you like. We’ll be doodling, cutting and pasting, painting and printing, textiles and stitching. These are mixed media and making them is so much fun in an informal and friendly group.

Go on why not join me on July 11, either morning or afternoon or make a full day of it. It will be fun. (Booking is essential.)

Last week I experienced the power of these inspirational cards. I’ve been delivering this activity within the radiotherapy waiting area at The Northern Centre for Cancer Care at The Freeman Hospital.

Over the last three weeks on Wednesday mornings I’ve been sitting in the waiting area making these cards. I invite those who are interested to join me and make their own version while they are waiting. Some people just want to watch, some just want to talk, others get stuck in to while away the time before they are called for their treatment.

Last week one person initially only wanted to watch but as I explained what I was doing she decided she wanted to make a card for her loved one who was awaiting treatment. In the end she made three. One for herself, one to pass on to someone else and I also gave her one of my own cards that she liked.






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