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One-to-One Sessions


20150106_150904  20150106_15091220150106_150935Yesterday I delivered my first one-to-one printmaking session.

Benet wants to build on the workshop and a studio session he did with painter/printmaker Peter Wray down in Cornwall. He wantedto book supported session time at my studio with some initial tuition.

Studio Space

We tried out Michelle Milburn’s recently vacated studio space. It is a small flexible workspace. Lucy (Woolaballoo) has plans for it and it is certainly has potential for my masterclasses.

It worked well for the one-to-one session. The space can comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people depending on the kind of activity going on.

One-to-One Tuition.

Back to Benet. He was well prepared with three aluminium plates using simple shape compositions, each one a specific textured material so he could get to grips with the proclivities of each – wood filler, carborundum, PVA and acrylic paint.

I refreshed his knowledge on how to mix inks; the benefits of using transparent ink vs ink straight from the pot; how to ink up a plate; what to watch out when inking the different textured surfaces.

We proofed the first and second plates together, then I left him to his own devices for the third one. As he proofed each plate we reviewed what went right and what didn’t come out quite as expected and why.

I then went on to show him how to ink up in two colours and how a second colour can bring out texture that appeared to be missing in the initial proofs.

Bennett’s technique significantly improved in the afternoon session. He seemed to feel he had really benefited from the exclusive one-to-one attention making rapid progress within the day.

Supported Sessions

In subsequent sessions Benet will be able to work much more independently. This will be much cheaper because there will be no tuition fee involved. He will only pay to book the use of the studio facilities for the day or half day plus the cost of the materials he uses.

If this is something you think you might be interested in do let me know. It also means you can book it to suit a time and day that fits in with both our commitments rather than losing out on say a weekend workshop because you are busy that day. While one-to-one sessions may appear to be expensive you can make very rapid progress that then allows you to work with very little input from me in ongoing booked studio time. Click here to contact me to arrange a session.



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