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Painting & Printmaking

2015-07-24 11.25.52
Painting & printmaking

Image No. 1 – sketchbook ideas

Painting & Printmaking

Image No. 2 – end result in oils

Painting & printmaking

Image No. 3 – Photographed detail

painting & printmaking

Image No. 4 – development from image No. 3 turned 09 degrees to the right


painting and printmaking

Image 4 a step further on. Work in progress

How is painting and printmaking in tandem going to work for me.

My main concern is time. I’ve so many ideas now it’s a case of where do I start?

My Inspiration

This painting arose from an idea based on a piece of embroidery I found in a drawer in my mother’s house on a visit to Dublin earlier on this year. The piece was very simple, white with tiny stitches around cut out work and embroidered flowers in white. I’m sure there is a correct term for what I’m describing but as embroidery is not my forte I’m not sure what it is.

Anyway, the piece was based on flowers and since I’ve been working with flowers for a while in monotype and collagraphs I liked the idea of using something with a family connection as the starting point for a new body of work.

I decided to work BIG (the canvas is 50cm x 100cm) and in bright, bold colours, in complete contrast to the embroidery piece that is small, white and delicate. The basic framework of the painting mirrors the embroidery but beyond that I went my own way with the expert guidance of Enrique Azocar. (I go to his studio once a week along with two or three other people).


The painting took on a life of its own as I experimented with different ways of applying oils using turpentine (for veiling); using a palette knife in different ways; using brushes and fingers, even beeswax.

As I worked on each week I photographed details of the areas I was working on and that led to the next stage in the process. Enrique suggested I repeat these details in smaller paintings but as with the original painting, they become starting points and from there they might go their own individual way.

I started out with a 50 x 5cm canvas I had already and transferred image no. 3 onto it but as you can see it took on a life of its own and bears very little resemblance to where it began.


I’ve now bought and prepared 8 x 20 x 23cm mdf boards. I plan to repeat the exercise taking small details of the original painting and developing each of them as the paint dictates. I’m also mulling through how I can repeat the same idea in print with monotype, collagraph and linocut. Pardon the pun but I have my work cut out for me for some time to come. At long last!


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