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Quit Beating Myself Up!


Flower paintingI’ve got to learn to quit beating myself up. I’ve spent the summer trying to navigate where I want my work and my workshops to go in the knowledge that I am about to have an enforced break of six to eight weeks (hopefully) following a hip replacement operation at the end of August.

I’ve taken to oil painting for the last few months. I have often found, in the absence of any bright ideas/inspiration, when I’ve lost direction, that taking a completely new path opens up new ones and ultimately bring me back to printmaking with a refreshed outlook.

Having said that, it took me a while to give myself permission to go off on a tangent. Self talk like ‘I’m obviously not a real printmaker if I allow myself to get distracted by painting or other creative pursuits, so what do you THINK YOU ARE DOING YOU IDIOT?’

Does that resonate with anyone?

Anyway, I persisted with the painting because I was enjoying it and in my research into the artists whose painting has influenced my work – prints and paintings – I made a discovery … (well I was kind of aware of it anyway but) … there are a lot of painters out there who have done printmaking AND … there are a lot of printmakers who paint! Some of them are FAMOUS! So, if it’s OK for them to paint, who am I to beat myself up because I’ve got a tube of oil paint out instead of a tub of ink? You get me.

On this journey, a painting I began back in May has turned into a project. The painting itself is complete but I’ve decided to develop the idea further both in paint and in print. Watch this space.


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