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Where to start?

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Where to StartWhere to start? That is the question.

I really must try and get some form of schedule going to get my blog posts up more regularly. I keep telling myself this and yet weeks go by and suddenly I realise that despite having lots to write about I still haven’t done it.

This month my other half, began working for (with?) me (we’re still debating that one – tongue stuck firmly in cheek). Having taken semi-retirement, two days a week, he has begun to take on some of the admin/sales/distribution side of my business. This should hopefully free me up to get on with more of the creative stuff and more importantly, once I’ve made the work, he will be helping me to get it out to the right kinds of outlets/galleries, etc,

First Task

His first task has been to take over my somewhat neglected greetings cards. I’m about to place a new print order but before I do I want to add several new images to the range from my back catalogue. (Currently showing as out of stock until the new print run arrives – do check back later.)

Having carried out some market research on FaceBook, the most popular images completely correlated with the response from my existing outlets and some new ones. My research and my ‘right hand man’s’ visits to various outlets old and potential new ones, mean I can place that order in confidence that I’ve chosen the right images.

Right Hand Man

My ‘right hand man’ came back from his efforts feeling very positive. Taking a handful of greeting card samples to galleries and high end gift shops/florists etc, is very different from dealing with senior management in the renewable energy industry where contracts can take 2-5 years to come to fruition. Instead he came back knowing that virtually everyone he spoke to had placed an order.

Useful Advice

He has also been picking the brains of a well established artist who has been very generous with advice and the pit falls of sales and distribution of said cards, so we are armed and forewarned. What was also heartening is how some artists are willing to share their experience for the benefit of others. It completely perplexes me how some see sharing information and experience as a threat. There’s a balance, no question, but in my own experience I get back far more than I lose by sharing the knowledge I have. It’s a question of how I guess. Anyway, this artist’s experience confirmed my own gut feel about the direction, how and where I should be selling my greetings cards.

What happens next?

This week I am getting some of my landscape images scanned. I should get the scans back by middle of next week. Then I can place the order so all being well I will be able to a) put them up for sale on my website week commencing May 23rd. Keep an eye out.

Most of them will also be available as fine art giclée prints. If you’re not sure what a giclée print is have a look here.

Where to Start?



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