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Wood Engraving Workshop


Pippi-Bengal-Kitten wood engraving

A wood engraving workshop in my studio was the much needed antidote to the fallout from the Brexit vote on Friday morning. Chris Daunt came to teach a fully booked workshop. Participants ranged from experienced wood engravers keen to pick up some hints and tips from Chris to complete beginners including myself. I hope wood engraving will become a regular feature of my workshop programme.

The feedback from the workshop was very positive. The quality of Chris’s teaching was as expected, top class. His style of teaching is excellent, clearly setting out in a step by step approach everything from the type of mark making each tool will produce, how to use the tools for the best results, types of wood to use, etc. Each step was carefully timed to ensure that by the end of the day everyone left having completed at least one proof print.

There were some issues for some in finding the studio. Addressing them is a priority for future workshops and easily solved. We already have several ideas on how to ensure that before people set off as well as once they arrive in Hexham it is as easy as possible to find the route from the town centre.

It was the first time the studio was put to the test with the maximum of 6 participants that I thought the space could handle and for this medium it worked perfectly so I was very pleased.

As soon as I can get my laptop to communicate with my iPad I’ll put up images from the day. In the meantime take a look at some examples of Chris’s work.

Magda with Flowers Wood engravingMagda - wood engraving




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