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Your feedback is invaluable!


Your feedback is invaluable! But before I go into all of that let me tell you that next month, I’ll be taking part in my first Designer Maker Market at The Witham in Barnard Castle on November 19/20, 10-4pm. That will be followed by a local one at The Queen’s Hall here in Hexham on December 3rd, also 10-4pm.

Recently I’ve been reviewing my website. I want to concentrate on making the e-commerce side of it work better. I can see areas that are NOT quite there. For that I can only apologise. PLEASE bear with me. I’m working on it.

I’ve spent the last month (and counting), going through the website with a fine tooth-comb. I’ve made adjustments – not all good – it is a work in progress. Have you been one of those poor souls who has visited while all this has been going on. Have you got frustrated, confused, or lost and abandoned any attempts to pursue a purchase?

Please contact me direct if you have a problem or had one. Those of you who do will be providing me with invaluable feedback. Such feedback will allow me to address the issues, some of which I may be aware and some, but for you, I will be in blissful ignorance unless you tell me.

In the meantime, while I lose the will to live (joke), I’m back on the case again today. Having reviewed the changes I’ve made so far I have to reverse some of them and address additional issues my other half has discovered. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my web designer to resolve the things I can’t do myself, or to consider the need to change themes if that is what proves necessary.


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