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Printmaking at the Laing Gallery


“For an in-the-moment booking, that was one WOW of an afternoon. The prints are on my carpet now, pestering me out of the corner of my eye to work into them…with them…”come and play…” – Anne MacMillan

I was teaching transfer drawing monotype on Saturday afternoon and when I got home and opened my emails – this …

It was a good afternoon. There were nine participants. The workshop had originally been planned to go with the Arts & Crafts exhibition (now finished) but for various reasons it didn’t go ahead before Christmas so it was postponed until last Saturday. The preparation I had made went to good use and so I continued to use the Arts and Crafts material as the main source of inspiration.

The afternoon consisted of demonstrations beginning with how to do transfer drawing and the emphasis was on how monotype can be done at home on your kitchen table without a press. The day beforehand, as I was preparing for the workshop a couple of additional ideas came to me that involved simple mark making using tools to remove ink from the plate and then print in combination with a stencil mask and finish off with transfer drawing.

It was clear that everyone was really enjoying the workshop and at the end of it several took away my card and signed up to my mailing list. However, it was wonderful to get home and find that someone had taken the time to send me an email to let me know how much they enjoyed themselves. THAT is what it is all about and why I enjoy teaching so much.


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